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Teach you how to avoid accidents and trouble - prefabricated housing Teach you how to dodge the accidents and the prefabricated houses trouble

by:Lida Group     2020-11-03
Prefabricated houses now USES is very wide, but at the same time in the pursuit of environmental protection is simple, for the sake of safety, from purchase to install, and then to use these ways can you have a careful understanding of how? Teach you to avoid some unnecessary troubles and accidents, teach you how to avoid below. ( A) To guide and avoid prefabricated houses some of the accidents, prefabricated houses on select material to be in strict accordance with the relevant standards for choice, and had better choose the material which has a good flame retardancy of architecture. ( 2) Prefabricated houses also should according to the fire prevention of the specifications of the standard, design beforehand, internal configuration fire equipment, to ensure that when meeting related emergency to minimize risk. ( 3) Prefabricated houses layer suggest no more than two layers, as well as better protect the safety of internal employees live in prefabricated houses. At the time of installation, please try to choose relatively normal manufacturer for installation, further to ensure that the prefabricated houses a solid and reliable. Understanding of prefabricated houses for more details, please login our company website: WWW.
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