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The advantage of colored steel frame houses and installation considerations - Prefabricated housing manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-10-24

the development of many industries in their daily life and colored steel frame houses are inseparable from the fence, sometimes some obscure factors could lead to a very big disparity, such as the premise of the houses, today we will learn about the 'description of the main advantages of colored steel frame houses of colored steel frame houses some main installation note'. Now of colored steel frame houses got very extensive application, then what are the advantages of it? Down with small make up to understand: 1, fast installation, beautiful and easy, greatly shorten the construction time, long service life; 2, can according to user requirements to design the structure of multi-story buildings, diligently the work area and can improve the corporate image; 3, installation and disassembly is very convenient, and can be flexible combination; 4, from the safety and comfort, beautiful degree as well as the application of fixed number of year is very advantage. In order to guarantee of colored steel frame houses when use to achieve the ideal effect, so installation matters, there are some issues need to be aware of below with small make up to understand: 1, plate installation must ensure accurate, have crack need to use the sealant filled; 2, the construction of the plate should be used to seal glue to fill, and using the accessaries tighten, tighten the seal; 3, mounting plates, the corresponding to the length of the plate number, was carried out on the plate shear when necessary; 4, accessaries fastening, should grasp the right degree of fastening, should not be too tighten. About colored steel frame houses in the points for attention during the installation of small make up to explain here, hope everyone understand, more specifically the housing industry of colored steel frame houses installation note several key points of knowledge, the website will continue to update, stay tuned.

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