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The advantage of container from the macroscopic perspective exist

by:Lida Group     2020-10-11
Many people's heart in stray, but some people are really in the street. Stray cats stray dog is a cloud, the rain was out of sight. Its fate. And personal but heart is in the stray, wandering between the white clouds, between landscape. These people stray is to enjoy. But some of the stray is helpless. White clouds smoke to spread, stray too. To buy a house is a heavy burden, rolled down a lot. The container and houses, by contrast, its price is lower. Container have what advantage? Container is environmental protection, green building, because they are design ChengJianZhu house again and not be melt. 2: container cost economic benefit is the appearance of perfection, can buy again using the update into the house, so use them to build house than built mud brick and wall size at least 30% house is a bargain. Structural engineering is the least to further reduce the cost. This can be a very good use. 3: structure reliability design of container load increased, able to withstand extreme climatic standards, and its magnificent sea, also can be easily stacked together, multi-storey building. Structural reliability can make the house seismic grade and the storm, in flooding in multiple areas is extremely safe. Four: convenient for engineering construction by sea container building structures must be 2 - probably 3 weeks, and brick and cement mortar structure must be 4 - probably 6 for six months. If all the components have good segmentation, so most of the structure can be assembled in a day time, this has to do with precast structure equivalent. Five: the field construction of container house can also be carried out in construction site retrofit, if not suitable for the renewal and transformation of on the spot, can also be prefabricated in factory, then will be manufactured goods transported to construction site to carry out the lifting construction. Six: the security of remote areas and rural infrastructure construction is a key problem is to prevent the risk of theft. Container will have to install the gunpowder to break into, and because of the heavy container itself and can't lift and bypass group and move out, so this has prompted a container in the remote areas but become very security selection.
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