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The advantage of container trailer - in what aspects The container trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-10-12
China's rapid economic development has brought the real estate market and housing prices rising by the big fire. People purse money growth rate is far lower than the growth rate of housing prices. Although the first-tier cities are now control housing prices, but for most people, they still can't afford it. The pursuit of quality of life and space position of tension is the tension in today's society, and the emergence of container house effectively alleviate the social contradiction. Packing room advantage is embodied in three aspects: 1. Low cost and high level. A lot of people can't afford to buy a house, so they go to rent a house, but rent price is not high, which greatly increased the cost of living. The average price of container trailer is far lower than the buy and rent price. Buy container prefabricated houses not only can have you like house, but also can save a lot of money. Why high price is much higher than the price of housing? 2. Recycling of green environmental protection. Container mobile room can be installed in the factory prefabrication site, fast installation, convenient disassembly. If the user want to live in different places, he only need to dismantle and reassemble the transport to destination, become a movable house. Container room materials used are environmentally friendly building materials, in accordance with the provisions of the state environmental protection requirements. 3. Personalization is different from the traditional housing, container moving house has really become a & other; Goods & throughout; , the user can let manufacturers according to their own requirements for design, reflect his own personality. Rapid upgrade of followed by materials, building materials research and development and the iteration is very quickly, according to the requirements of environmental protection material production not only quality assurance, and conform to the recycling standards. Container, on the whole, the use of mobile home advantage is obvious, can effectively solve the living pressure and the contradiction between the quality of life, realize the personalized living experience, meet the requirements of green environmental protection. Side reflects the container trailer huge market space.
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