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The advantages and disadvantages of different container supply form?

by:Lida Group     2020-11-14
Container is more and more popular, the use of the power supply problem is a lot of people attention. Because the container is a space. Many people stay in this space, will feel boring. Is to eliminate boredom and intelligence, but intelligence is relies on electricity to normal use. Once there was no electricity, and the darkness, song to sorrow. The advantages and disadvantages of different container supply form? A: diesel generator diesel generator has the advantage of long service life, resistant to wear, small volume. The disadvantage is that maintenance complex. But can satisfy the container daily office required. 2: wind power wind power has the advantage of less carbon emissions, do not need to thermal power belongs to the use of renewable energy measures, the environmental protection sex is strong. The disadvantage is that the stall type fan, grid impact, although the variable propeller fan can have certain effect to reduce the impact, but the impact is exist. Therefore to the strength of the grid requirements. Three: solar power generation solar power is advantage is safe, environmental protection, easy to maintain. But the effect is not high, instability, affected by the geographical and weather.
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