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, the advantages of integrated house and buy integrated housing should pay attention to what problem

by:Lida Group     2020-07-18
Integrated advantages of houses and buy integrated house what problem should note integration ( Also called mobile or dismantling houses many times) , was born in the last century 50 s. Its main concept is through a prefabricated wall, roofing, etc. , in the factory according to the design requirements for processing, represented by the steel structure bearing structure, able to quickly assemble according to complete a building model of the building. Today, the advantages of small make up to introduce the integrated house and buy integrated housing should pay attention to what problem. A, what is the advantage of integrated housing

1, integrated housing has realized the overlay industrialized mass production, can improve the pre-engineering construction, make the method of making the different shapes, materials component has a certain universality. Pre-engineering overlay facilities at the same time make the integration of material processing and installation, greatly reduces the sussing out costs.

2, integrated building material of light steel structure smooth texture, high elastic modulus, density and strength ratio is far less than that of concrete, masonry. Same stress distribution under dead weight is small, light steel structure in order to make it larger span and height higher integration of light steel housing, to meet the requirements of super high and super span.

3, integration, and the structure design and function of the building only to achieve the integration, to make the building more functionality, so that later on various design steps, create the art technology and makeshift facilities. Second, buy integrated home what problem should note 1, see the appearance of integrated housing appearance color should be uniform color, texture hard and smooth. In addition, careful inspection before they go out the installation of integrated housing component, welding is firm. 2, the fire performance to check how integrated building fire prevention performance, check caigang sandwich board inside and two layers of iron sheet to see if there is any breakage, do not reveal the thermal insulation layer. 3, the waterproof performance of integrated housing roof plate and supporting member should have a reliable connection, if meet strong wind weather, such as integrated roof of the house is very easy to damage. 4, see the light integration building door, window cannot appear visible cracks, if light-leaking, so the integration building heat insulation performance is not very good, there is gap must also air leakage. 5, see details see integrated housing details, corridor, stair railing, smooth and no burr. Floor to smooth and firm, should not feel the shaking, fittings should be waterproof seal measures. Edit summary: about integrated house integration advantage and purchase considerations is introduced here, hope to be of help. For more integrated housing or related content, please pay attention to url ( www。 bjfalilai。 com)
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