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The advantages of prefabricated houses with what make you so love, Below) - Board trailer, the trailer, houses

by:Lida Group     2020-10-17
Welcome to watch, and now relevant to you about the advantages of guangzhou prefabricated houses. Three advantages: prefabricated houses very of environmental protection, energy saving, is the central Asia metal heat preservation of carve patterns or designs on woodwork choi steel walls of buildings, can greatly improve the wall heat preservation and heat insulation function. With no use of central Asia metal thermal insulation material of carve patterns or designs on woodwork building to reduce the energy consumption by more than 45%. Greatly reduced when the summer sun radiation heat conduction inside the external walls, so that the energy consumption of heating, air conditioning and protect the structure of the main body, in a certain extent, prolong the life span of the buildings. Four advantages: the use of prefabricated houses in guangzhou range is very wide, letters and repair of buildings, public buildings, civil construction is able to use, in the process of using or before use need not be complicated pretreatment was carried out on the building wall, the installation of prefabricated houses will not be affected by the weather, is very easy and convenient to install, and on the construction period is very short. Advantages: five color plate prefabricated house decoration effect can be comparable with aluminum plate, stone curtain wall and so on exterior wall decoration, central Asia metal heat preservation of carve patterns or designs on woodwork choi steel is a very new, very strong plasticity of the decoration materials, the adornment of the outer surface to the customer request processing into all sorts of color, and reach the aluminum-plastic plate even higher grade decoration material effect. For more detailed information about the board trailer in guangzhou, welcome you to visit our website WWW.
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