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The application of container trailer in the island

by:Lida Group     2020-07-01
The application of container trailer in the island

as people step forward, isolated island overseas attracted the interest of the people gradually, people start out to sea on the island, looking for the resources of the island and the island sea area of rich resources around. Some places there is the demand of the residential houses, before the people on the island are generally use of trees to build houses, the house fire prevention performance is poor, poor anticorrosion performance, wind resistance performance is not good, often repair every year.

enter the 20th century, people changed the way island on the construction of the building, from the mainland building materials such as cement, steel, sand transport, build a more solid. There are also some island is far from land, people are reluctant to spend so much freight transport in the past, the building materials and construction group in the past, please put the house building, so the cost is a little high. Now, there is a in the construction field can be overall moving, can be used to the container trailer. factory has all kinds of living facilities installed, hoisting in place can use, no installation, overall cost greatly reduced, and the production cycle is short, about a week can produce customer needs all kinds of container trailer. And container trailer can be outside the be fond of according to customer design, interior decoration, etc. , can produce all kinds of container trailer appearance fashion, interior decoration and comfortable.

in addition, the internal container trailer can be fitted with the customer in advance of choose and buy of furniture, electrical appliances, etc. , so that customers can experience of container trailer in advance after completion of the overall effect, have not the right place can be revised soon. Secondly, on the island without water and electricity supply, customers can choose appropriate electricity conversion equipment, after this container trailer lifting installed electricity and water supply equipment can be used again.

container trailer can play a proper role in the island, you can also take container villa built according to need, such as green buildings more beautiful and comfortable.

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