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The common problems in container trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-07-15
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container trailer as the leading products in a temporary building. has played a unique role in many aspects, multiple industries. Multiple stage has its unique charm. But for the understanding of the container house may be a lot of people also is not very understanding. In order to let more people to familiar with container trailer. For this, we also organize some common problems about the container house.

1。 The container trailer can according to individual needs to make?

a: container trailer can be customized according to customer demand.

2。 For container trailer footing, how do we go to stable?

a: container trailer is expansion screws in link with the ground or welding on the ground, keep the floor with the whole house is firm.

3。 The use fixed number of year of mobile home how long?

a: container mobile home use fixed number of year, generally for about 15 years, major decision and material quality.

4。 How much is the house floor under gravity container activity?

a: floor tolerance in about 50 kilograms per square meter.

5。 Container prefabricated house and how much will it cost? A: container trailer prices due to market changes, the price is different every day, so if you want to know, suggest or ask phase locked manufacturer shall prevail.
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