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The conditions which custom container room should have

by:Lida Group     2020-07-14
What conditions are custom container room should

custom container room should have what conditions?

custom container room is known to all, refers to a certain strength, stiffness and large loading container specifications for use. Take a look at container room should have the condition. 1, the ability of rapid loading and unloading, and can conveniently change directly from a transport to another transport. 2, have more than 1 cubic meters, or volume. 3, on the way transit without moving the contents, change can directly. 4, easy to fill and emptying of the goods. 5, can be long-term use repeatedly, has the enough strength. Company's mode of operation: supermarket model to sell container: supermarket within dozens of new and used container fully clear net sales. Ultra-low rent for container: per container price charged 0. 7 - 1. The deposit of 10000 yuan. The rent by the day, each 3 - every day 6 yuan, deducted from the deposit in the box when the rent back. Lease minimum 120 days, not enough calculated at 120 days, 120 days back and forth freight, other don't accept the deposit way of interview according to actual situation. To rouse the comparison of container and prefabricated house structure: housing for all welded structure. Than the prefabricated houses more solid, more seismic and wind resistance, fire prevention, sound insulation. Decoration: no disposable facilities. More environmental protection than prefabricated houses. Installation: use after lifting. Faster than prefabricated houses. May at any time increase or decrease in the cost: the room number, move without dividing, lossless. More flexible and more economical than the prefabricated houses.
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