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The construction environment of living container

by:Lida Group     2023-01-30

  With the increasing use of residential containers, the environmental requirements during the construction process have also become more and more. After all, this can be reused, and the construction environment still needs to be considered. There are some conditions that should be met when choosing a construction site.

Condition 1: The foundation is solid, the load-bearing effect is good, and the terrain must be flat, and it cannot be in an uphill or downhill state. In this way, even in bad weather, the living container will not leak or collapse. In short, it is necessary to select the construction site first and then ensure the firmness and load-bearing effect. In order to make the safety of the living container more secure, it is necessary to pay more attention to the installation details so that the users can live with peace of mind.

Condition 2: The roads near the construction site are convenient for transportation by large vehicles. Generally speaking, whether the residential container is transported to the construction site or disassembled and transported to other locations for reuse, large vehicles are required for transportation.

Condition 3: In order to have a higher safety factor, it is necessary to use concrete to construct the ground and foundation after the site is selected to make it reach a certain hardness and leveling standard. For construction sites with more rainfall, the foundation needs to be heightened. Safety hazards caused by rainwater erosion can be avoided. In order to achieve a better installation effect, the details of the process must be carefully crafted and the overall appearance after assembly must be kept clean in order to achieve a livable level.

It can be seen that the requirements for the construction environment of residential containers are getting higher and higher, in order to achieve safety, firmness, durability, waterproof and anti-seepage, and overall beautiful appearance after construction. All in all, in the process of choosing a construction environment, you should grasp the key points and details, and the service will be more perfect. Then, in the process of promoting in the market, you can feel at ease when you live in it, and the higher the degree of recognition from customers will be.

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