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The construction of the actual prefab house is not very different from the construction of the building

by:Lida Group     2022-02-28

The construction of the actual prefab house is not very different from the construction of the building. It is to level the surrounding and the partition wall foundation, and use reinforced concrete to make it stronger; The outer wall panels and door and window frames; followed by laying the floor, and then installing a layer up, then installing the roof truss and roof panels; finally installing doors and windows, etc., and pulling the vertical support. There are sanitary ware, hardware and the like. The following small series simply share with you, I hope to help you.

Choose the right prefab house is the first condition to prolong its life

Choose the right prefab house, starting from the communication with the prefab house manufacturer. It is necessary to tell the prefab house manufacturer your requirements in detail, the specifications of the prefab house to be made, formulate drawings, and select materials. In this step, the specification of the material is very important, which determines the wind resistance and earthquake resistance of the prefab house in the future. For example, for a prefab house with a span of 6K, 2.0mm 8#C section steel should be used on the herringbone beam, instead of 1.8mm 8#C section steel such as 3K or 4K. Due to the large span, the bearing capacity of 1.8mm 8#C section steel is insufficient.

After making a preliminary decision on the plan, you must ask the manufacturer's salesperson (along with the engineering department) to inspect the site. Fully understand the natural environment, understand the geological conditions, understand the surrounding environment, and understand the local climate. Such as the annual rainfall, whether there will be strong winds (above level 6), whether there will be mudslides, etc. It is very important to inspect the site. In addition to measuring the size of the site, it is more important to understand the natural environment, formulate the foundation plan of the prefab house, and determine whether the roof, skeleton and walls of the prefab house need to be strengthened or reinforced. This directly affects the quality of the prefab house used in the future, which cannot be compensated in the future.

The structure, components and facilities of the prefab house have already been equipped, and cannot be disassembled or changed at will to avoid structural risks. Please contact us for changes. Hope the above content can be helpful to you.

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