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The construction site is surrounded by 'new clothes'

by:Lida Group     2022-06-15

In order to further improve the civilized construction environment of construction projects and enhance the overall image and quality of Nansha. Since July 19 this year, Nansha District has carried out a special campaign to improve the enclosure of construction projects and the protection of building facades. The action lasted for three months, and a total of 32 million yuan was invested to upgrade and reconstruct a total of 26,200 meters of enclosures. The environment within the jurisdiction has changed significantly and the overall jump has achieved remarkable results.

It is understood that this special operation of fence upgrading mainly covers the main roads such as Jingang Avenue, Gangqian Avenue, Phoenix Avenue, Longxue Avenue, Yangfan Road, etc. Roads, major areas such as Nansha Bay, Pearl Bay, Qingsheng Plate, Guangdong-Hong Kong Deep Cooperation Park, etc., replace old and damaged enclosures that do not meet current standards in a timely manner, and replace the exterior protection of key areas and surrounding engineering buildings with new safety nets .

It is worth mentioning that, in order to take into account both practicality and aesthetics, civilized public service billboards are installed on the enclosures of construction sites, and the socialist core Values u200bu200bare integrated into the urban environment and people's life, so that the masses can be influenced by subtle perception.

According to the introduction of the relevant responsible comrades of the Nansha District Creation Office, Nansha District will continue to strengthen the publicity work of the whole district and create a strong creative culture Publicity atmosphere, let the people see, touch, feel, and constantly enhance the people's sense of gain and happiness.

Steel Structure Co., Ltd. will explain to you the precautions for fences:

1. The fence should be set up neatly and firmly, and the location should not hinder road traffic and Pedestrian passage is the principle, except for entrances and exits, it must be continuously closed to ensure that the construction site is isolated from the outside world;


3. For deep foundation pit projects with high risk, earthworks with serious dust, and projects with fixed enclosures, the enclosures should be set up. Then start the construction;

4. At crossings that block the sight of pedestrians and traffic, a hollow fence with an extension of no less than 6 meters should be set up at the crossing to ensure pedestrians and vehicles.

5. Safety warning signs of 'Beware of falling' should be set up at both ends of the trench, the edge of the foundation pit and the pedestrian passage across the trench and other conspicuous positions; A sign of 'construction ahead, vehicles detour' is set at the closed end of the road

6. For trenches and foundation pits that cannot be backfilled at night, safety warning lights should be set on the enclosure ;

7. For projects with a duration of more than 6 months, information such as the project overview, the main person in charge, and the main milestone nodes of the project should be set on the fence on the side of the gate

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8. There should be special plans and floor plans for enclosure settings in the construction organization design;

9. Supervision and engineering departments Regularly inspect the construction site enclosure and take it as an important assessment content for safe and civilized construction, and issue a rectification opinion letter in a timely manner when problems are found. Management regulations impose penalties.

10. Whether it is in the civil construction stage or in the real estate stage, it will have a certain impact on the project. Therefore, in addition to the function of separating the community from the road, the fence will It will also play a pivotal role in sales promotion.

11. The effect of fence advertising has the characteristics of long-term, and the cost is not large, so the effect cannot be ignored.

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