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The container according to the classified in purpose

by:Lida Group     2020-10-22
Containers have different classification of all kinds, including classification according to use purpose, there are 12. Such a classification of container is more rigorous and standardized. A: normal container normal container, also known as dry containers, mainly used to transport cargo, usually used to transport the stationery, daily necessities, medicine, textiles, handicrafts, chemicals, hardware, electrical, instrumentation and machine parts. This kind of container to between 70% and 80% of the total number of containers. In addition to freezing goods store, animals and plants, dry containers can also be used to fit the size and weight of the container transport goods. 2: frozen container two types of refrigerated container: external and internal. Temperature can be in - Between 60 ° to 30 ° C + C. The built-in container can be free to start the refrigerator to keep temperature in transit. Containers at specified temperature; Must rely on external type specific to the vehicle, container ship and special courtyard and workstation freezer to cool. This box is applicable to transport the butter, chocolate, frozen fish, condensed milk, margarine, etc in the summer. Three: open containers, open top container, also known as open container, opened the container, no canvas roof, but by the folding roof beam, plastic or plastic coated fabric. Crane loading and unloading the goods from the top tank. At the top of the top of the unpacking can open or not open. As the transportation, the top cover tarpaulin. Waterproof requirement the same as the dry container. Suitable for heavy load, such as glass, steel products, machinery and so on. Four: framework container flat box type container no roof, profile, its characteristic is from the side of the container loading and unloading. Extra heavy goods is the main carrier, it is also convenient loading of livestock and bare goods, such as steel, can avoid the packing. It can also promote large super wide, ultra-high goods. Five: livestock using metal mesh on the side of the container livestock, well ventilated, easy feeding. This is a special kind of containers, such as cattle and horses for transport animals. Tank container 6: this is a used to transport food, medicine and chemical products such as liquid tank container. Structure is the liquid tank is fixed in the metal frame. The international standard tank container is stainless steel pressure vessel installation outside the fixed frame. Most of the tank container is made from 316 stainless steel. A steam or electric heating, inert gas protection, pressure relief and other optional liquid handling and processing equipment. Seven: platform container container shaped like railway board, is a high bearing capacity, no superstructure the floor of the container. Suitable for excessive load goods, can be more than 6 meters in length, width is more than 4 meters, the height of about 4. 5 meters, the weight can reach 40 tons. Two platform container can be connected and loading of 80 metric tons of cargo. Use this box to transport cars is very convenient. Eight: bellows wall with 4 - ventilated container 6 air vents, internal vents on the wall are painted plastic layer, used for new fresh vegetables, fruits and other articles are afraid of hot and suffocating. 9: insulation heat preservation container container with a layer of insulation. There is a belt Angle at the top of the box of inlet and outlet hole. The outside air and the wind can be used to adjust the temperature in the cabinet. Closing, can be for a period of time protect it from the outside air temperature. Suitable for transportation items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity. Top 10: bulk cargo container bulk cargo container usually has two or three small hatch cover for loading. There is a lift at the bottom of the frame, can rise to an Angle of 40 ° for unloading. This box is suitable for bulk cargo, such as grain and cement. If you want to plant quarantine, you can also in the pot cooking pot. 11: the free flow of bulk materials in bulk powder containers container and bulk containers basic same, but the nozzle used for loading and unloading and straw. Twelve: clothes hanging container is suitable for the transportation of container. With the development of international trade, commodity structure in a constantly changing, all kinds of special or multi-purpose container will appear in the future.
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