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The container is classified according to the structure

by:Lida Group     2020-11-13
The use of containers in transport, goods transportation, time efficiency and to lower costs. Container used in the reconstruction, the biggest advantage of cost. To know the prices has been a growing trend in our country. The container can be tens of thousands of people to build. And buy a house hundreds of thousands of mortgages, the pressure is self-evident. Therefore, the container utilization is continued growth process. What classification container according to the structure? One: within the column type column type container inside and outside the column type container, mainly USES the aluminum alloy material. Side column or the position of the side column wall or end wall, column type container outside refers to the side column or the column position is outside wall or the two side wall. 2: folding folding the characteristics of the container is to be able to fold or decomposition, in the second use is very convenient. Generally refers to the lateral wall, side wall, roof such main components. Three: the characteristics of the thin shell type thin shell type container is light, the torsion occurs also won't appear the phenomenon of permanent deformation. Usually will all disappear of rigid body.
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