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The container trailer boast skillful environmental construction

by:Lida Group     2020-07-11
boast skillful green building

in the middle of the container house, abandoned by people container is used to build new houses, comfortable and durable later is widely popular in Europe and, slowly entered the large-scale industrialized production.

also in the development of recent years in our country, began a container house research and development production, the original production process is very simple, most of the raw materials are imported from abroad, in carry on the processing and into. And are constantly developing countries are need container house, this kind of house has relatively strong features, and able to transport as a whole, in today's commercial development, such flexibility of high building is the most appropriate, however, at first the container house is only a temporary housing, as the site of mobile shops and public places, the bathroom, in industrial workshop warehouse, motels and other temporary buildings, but nowadays the society is developing, culture is in the process of evolution. Changes with the development of The Times of container houses, abroad is to convert to permanent housing industrialization, the development is in order to adapt to the demand for the development of the global environmental protection and make a change, itself belongs to the container room of environmentally friendly building materials, in science and technology under the guidance of permanent green building products, and to the national land planning to another peak. To sum up, in the reform process of long river middle shift have spawned a product container house, plays a considerable role in the development of our country, since the expanding economy development of our country, the urban planning of each place need container house to assist, to add luster to the city
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