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The container trailer can be more comfortable and beautiful

by:Lida Group     2020-06-27
can be more comfortable and beautiful

container house as a new building, it has long been popular in foreign countries. Growth, and huge fast, can be seen everywhere, and even became a fashionable young men and women's daily housing, because the young man thought avant-courier, for it, people can arbitrarily graffiti, or even change the model. It also has the very big development space in China, through our unremitting efforts, the excellent container house to manufacturer of the product will be loved by the people.

along with the social development, container room facilities are complete, can let a person normal life safe and comfortable. Follow your requirements and hobby to personalize the container house, according to your own wishes. Can add room facilities such as fridge, TV, fan; Is to install air conditioning, winter shall not sorrow; Can install network, for you to surf the Internet at any time; The roof can also be loaded with satellite TV receivers, for their own TV entertainment; Outside the room can build block rain loose, corridor. This isn't very comfortable way of life? Container house can live, and entertainment. Believe that a lot of people see will be raised here, surprisingly little container house, all-sided. The matters which should be paid attention to, please use the container housing note 1: the fire problem because of container house is made by foam choi steel, so we must pay attention to fire, and fire is the most often happened in the construction site, so near the container houses are prohibited welding construction; If during the winter months for heating stove to be equipped with fire protection equipment; When you need to metal pipe laid on interior lines, then use the most refractory metal pipe, need to wear a wall to add sleeve for protection. Note 2: fixed on the ground while container houses can be mobile, but when the need in one place will should be fixed in the ground, because when it comes to natural climate is likely to cause the wind blow down the risk, so can choose when buying container houses have fixed device at the bottom of the container house, this is the security, that in the process of installation also should first of all should be fixed on the ground, prevent forget this link. Note 3: the ban on three layers of a lot of people might see on the site has three layers of the container house, but if it is for choi steel container house, it USES the texture of the lighter, if you want to three layers together can create great potential safety hazard, such as when a gale, whether the possibility of more blown away, so using container houses three layers is prohibited.
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