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The container trailer how high coefficient of heat insulation

by:Lida Group     2020-06-30
how high insulation coefficient

container trailer is a new type of mobile products, compared to other mobile products more durable, heat insulation performance is better.

container trailer, light steel is a kind of used for the skeleton, with sandwich board as the enclosure material, of a series of standard module of space combination, USES the bolt connection, a new environmentally friendly building economical activities. Can be used to assemble and disassemble quickly and to implement the standardization of temporary buildings, set up the environmental protection and energy saving, quick construction idea, make temporary housing entered a serialization development, integrated production, supply of form a complete set to change, but the inventory and finalize the design product areas for repeated use. with steel frame, and then according to the color steel sandwich board, insulation performance depends on the coefficient of thermal conductivity of caigang sandwich board and the thickness of caigang sandwich board. Low thermal conductivity, heat insulation performance is good, the container houses generally used caigang sandwich board core material for polystyrene, coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0. 03W/( m·K) , better heat insulation performance, can effectively guarantee the indoor temperature of container house. caigang sandwich board thickness is 5 cm commonly, so the container houses can ensure the heat insulation of general requirements, make people live more comfortable within the container houses. For people to worry about the problem of cold winter hot summer, this is no way to solve. is generally a door and two Windows, inside the space is not large, open a window or open the door for a period of time indoor and outdoor temperature is almost the same, if you want to ensure indoor temperature is comfortable, also need to install the air conditioning and other equipment for indoor temperature control, so that we can fully assure indoor temperature is appropriate, make people live more comfortable. If you want to get better heat insulation performance, can choose lower coefficient of thermal conductivity of materials, increasing the thickness of thermal insulation material, so that the use of these materials to produce container house price is much higher, customers can choose according to need. , price material benefit is more durable than any other mobile products, insulation performance is more outstanding, using better insulation materials for manufacturing container building heat insulation performance is better, the price also can have differences, customers can choose according to the situation.
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