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The container trailer how to solve the problem of the field power supply

by:Lida Group     2020-07-13
The container trailer how to solve the problem of the field power supply

container trailer how to solve the problem of the field power supply?

in general there are two methods:

a: diesel generator. Advantages and disadvantages such as low speed generator, high speed generator

. Low-speed diesel generators, wear life, maintenance is better than high speed. The advantages of high speed is small size, is suitable for loading and other volume limitation, the disadvantage is that maintenance trouble, life is not as good as good at low speed. Can meet the needs of the container house daily office.


the advantages and disadvantages of wind power: use of renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions. Is a kind of sustainable development of energy use. According to the China Meteorological Administration, China now has four wind power of the three gorges project. Development of wind power, can change our energy rely mainly on coal, reducing thermal power, conform to the Kyoto protocol. Power frequency to variable frequency, average first rectifier in a 50 hz ac inverter. When using stall type fan, impact to power grid is too big. Now the variable propeller fan, to reduce the impact of power grid, but still has a certain impact. Wind of the wave is not a standard sine wave, this is a test for the withstanding capability of the grid. Wind power equipment is very big, generally in 1 made in our company. 5 mw wind turbine as an example, the height of 70 meters, 70 meters of wind turbines.

three solar power.

the advantages and disadvantages: : environmental protection, safety, ease of maintenance, using them all, so to speak, the not over 15% efficiency is not high, is not stable, there are regional, affected by the weather.

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