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The container trailer installed three matters for attention

by:Lida Group     2020-06-24
after installation notices of three

container house is one of the most convenient and concise trailer, the clever use of containers. Has become the modern dwelling are commonly used one, which should be paid attention to before we live after installation?

1, container trailer after complete installation, the user shall not change the structure, shall not remove any bolts artifacts, shall not be increased or decreased partition, such as the need to change should be only after consultation with the manufacturer agreed to change, or accept the consequences of the user. , light steel structure should be in 1 to 2 2 years maintenance of paint, the ground steel, in particular, to extend the service life of the product and keep beautiful. 3, department of container trailer in the whole building structural steelwork connection, the user electricity lighting equipment, wire can not directly binding on steel structure, should set line pipe, wooden or trough isolation installation, lest produce an electric shock. Shall, when we in the use of container trailer in the above these points more attention, achieve the safe use, on a regular basis to check whether there is a house safe hidden trouble, in a timely manner to solve, safe to live in.
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