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The container trailer material how to choose

by:Lida Group     2020-07-02
material how to choose

before the container house structures, the flexibility of selection of container house material is larger, can according to user requirements change with the different activities of the building material, if is the thought of as the kitchen, can choose trailer of rock wool color steel plate material, because this material has good fireproof performance.

if need heat preservation good trailer, polyurethane choi steel structure building can meet you this requirement, because the pu color steel plate not only has good heat preservation has good flame retardant effect. When selecting a live one container material should not only according to your needs to choose, some professionals, but most also want to consult reference given by the professional advice.

mobile home to decorate the matters needing attention in the process of

about the advantages of mobile believe people already know very well, this is why mobile home have been widely praised, and that one of the most important thing is that the price is low. The price of the trailer itself is not high, so the indoor when decorating, also don't need to do is very luxurious, customer according to actual needs. But, in decorating a process if found hard to solve the problem, will contact the manufacturer.

mobile home to decorate the matters needing attention in the process of:

in order to ensure the quality of the mobile home decorate, choice materials must conform to the requirements, structural stability must be guaranteed, for example: the ceiling of the housing should choose a fixed structure, lamps and other lighting equipment installation should pay attention to when the specification is appropriate, cannot destroy the structure of the building itself rigor. LuJiang live one container remind: sandwich panel appearance and frame are made of steel, and must take into account when decorating interior insulation problem, cannot lead to adverse conditions such as building out leakage occurred. For more common problem in decorating, users must be addressed, so as not to use all kinds of problems in the process of also need to reinstall.
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