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The container trailer on the site why so 'popular'?

by:Lida Group     2020-07-10
The container trailer on the site why so 'popular'?

container house in the container as the main body, as a ready-made materials, directly open the door, humanly scaled in the container, the inner add thermal insulation material. Overall unit external size consistent with the standard container, facilitate transport, loading, also can save transportation costs. By the standard of container house container break up the two to four reassembled for transport. Just from the factory to the scene, in situ on flat ground becomes a completed house. It can also be stacked, installation will be stacked layer after fixed or constitutes the two-storey building.

container trailer: the advantages of the new type of container trailer in the cost, transportation, installation convenience, installation of speed and mobile has irreplaceable advantages in the respect of flexibility,

specific benefits include:

1, the standardized mass production. 2, flexible mode of transportation economy. 3, installation convenient and quick. 4, there are different forms of space combination. 5, good environmental performance, and long service life. 6, good appearance strong weatherability. In addition, the structure also has good air tightness, water tightness, wind resistance, vibration resistance, this new type of container trailer is developed in recent years, the rapid development, has very broad market prospects.

the characteristics of the new type of container trailer, is in keeping with national policy of energy conservation and environmental protection, at the same time, save the packing and shipping costs, has a good economy, to adapt to the national trend of advocating energy conservation and environmental protection. For rapid boosting the development of national economy, improve the overall level and technical content of construction products, realize the industrialization, standardization and normalization of trailer is of great significance.

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