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The container trailer sound insulation effect is better

by:Lida Group     2020-07-14
sound insulation effect better

in recent years, along with the rapid development of construction industry, prefabricated houses spread quickly in our country, but as a rising star container houses spread is slightly slower. Although the popularity of container houses is not as good as traditional prefabricated houses, but much more than its advantages or prefabricated houses, container house and sound insulation effect is better, mainly introduces the sound insulation performance today.

the used traditional prefabricated houses people must know its sound insulation effect is not ideal, can hear voices and footsteps upstairs downstairs. This is mainly because houses two floors between separated only a thin layer of wood, wood resonance effect is larger, and poor sealing, sound insulation effect is poorer, natural this whether to daily office or to the lives of the workers are inconvenient. Container houses with the traditional structure of prefabricated houses are not the same, container house on the first floor and second floor respectively belong to different enclosure, each separate cabinet floor material is steel, cement and ceramic tile, the thickness of up to 20 cm above, such structure and prefabricated house has a good sound insulation effect than natural to many. And prefabricated houses in addition to the first floor is a cement floor, all the floor of the above is the repeated use of wood, sealing and sound insulation effect is poorer.

with the understanding of the container house, its advantages will be more slowly were found and recognition, container house in our country has a huge space for development.
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