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The container used for maritime transport have what advantage?

by:Lida Group     2020-11-13
Tools there are many kinds of maritime transport, containers, bulk cargo, oil tanker, cruise, etc. In so many way of maritime transport, the generally high use of container, why? This is the container has advantage in maritime transport. This article tells the container used for maritime transport have what advantage? A: rhythm of container transportation at sea, the rhythm is relatively fast, generally is 18 ~ 19 day running speed, port within a week. Relative to the bus, liner. Unlike bulk, where stock is running. 2: the development of the development of container is a big trend, including loading and unloading fast, port for about 12 hours. In line with the modern industry rapidly, improve the economic benefit. 3: as long as it is able to pack in the container items are can be used for container transport, is very convenient. Warm prompt: the disadvantage of large container port is over ten hours, does not favor the cabin. Advantage is conducive to the deck, see shipments keep flexibility, high safety. Small container run ZhongDuanXian, loading and unloading, efficiency is not stable. But not too hard.
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