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The current problems faced by light steel prefabricated houses

by:Lida Group     2022-03-03

Materials have always been an important link restricting the process of localization of steel structure houses in China, especially in the field of light steel buildings. The main low-alloy steel grades used in light steel buildings in my country are similar to those used in Western countries in terms of mechanical properties. There is little difference between the main steel types, but it lags behind foreign countries in the production of hot-rolled H and T-beams, which are widely used in the structural field as raw material supply. Although the section form and material distribution of H-beam are not as flexible and reasonable as the welded I-shaped actinium, and the variable section form cannot be used, it can save expensive processing costs. At present, the processing cost and material cost of domestic welded I-shaped actinium are about Equal. T-shaped steel can replace the double-angle steel T-section member in the truss/bracket, save the node connecting plate, and avoid the weak point of double-angle steel splicing that is not easy to maintain and easy to corrode. At present, Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Anshan No. 1 Steel Rolling Plant have introduced hot-rolled H-beam production lines, while Shanghai Baosteel has been able to produce high-frequency welded I-beams, which can be used as the production line for general wine three-plate welded I-beams and hot-rolled H-beams. substitute.

Cold-formed thin-walled steel and profiled steel are high-efficiency section steels with excellent flexural resistance and overall anti-instability performance. ,Especially in the anti-rust aluminum-zinc plating process of steel plate and the anti-corrosion coating material l1 and process of color steel plate. Significant lag in the development of metals and welding processes. In foreign countries, the single-sided welding process has been generally adopted in the production of I-beams, but domestically, double-sided welding is still the main method, which will be very difficult for components with thin webs of mobile houses.

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