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The development of the container trailer production materials

by:Lida Group     2020-06-26
The development of the container house production materials

after years of application and development of mobile products had great progress, all over the country have a large number of applications, from the construction site of the dormitory to the temporary business * shop on the market, from personal temporary housing to collective temporary shelters, trailer figure can be seen everywhere, provides people with a variety of temporary housing products, let people have a place.

from the perspective of a mobile application, most of the trailer products are used in construction sites, for construction workers and related engineering personnel to provide dormitory, kitchen, toilet, office, conference room, control box and so on all sorts of different USES temporary housing construction, construction workers and related engineering personnel can set his mind at to live and life, better to try and get a project done. * into the application of mobile products and promote the development of the mobile industry, has formed the scale of tens of billions of huge market at present, more and more people want to get a slice, big and small trailer factory keep appearing in all parts of the country, for the local people to the nearest to provide mobile products. The emergence of a large number of factories can provide more mobile products, at the same time also makes the mobile industry more competitive, forcing manufacturers to constantly improve products, grab more market share.

trailer from appearing to now, there has been a more development, material also have more change, from the previous foam sandwich board, to the rock wool sandwich board, glass wool sandwich panel, and then to a new type of phenolic sandwich board, etc. , these materials are better quality and performance, and can produce more better quality, better performance of mobile products. Over the years, as people Ann * full consciousness to strengthen, fire prevention, * all thought highly of by people more and more, many places require temporary housing fire rating must be grade A *, and before A large number of applications of foam sandwich panel is not up to par, many sites have been instructs deadline to replace fire performance better trailer. Thus, rock wool sandwich board, glass wool sandwich panel production trailer product gets gradually the favour of people, but the material easy to water, in the process of machining debris have a harm to human body, people need to find another good fireproof performance, more environmental protection and no water absorption material. This case, the phenolic sandwich board began to use on the mobile products, provide people with fireproof performance better, more environmentally friendly and non-absorbent material of sandwich board.

activity prices * cheap, structures, convenient and quick, can quickly build good enough mobile products for people to live, with the strengthening of competition, mobile products gradually change * good quality performance, provide people with more better quality, performance, more * color of mobile products.
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