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The difference between the inventory container trailer and daily housing

by:Lida Group     2020-07-02
The difference between the inventory container trailer and daily housing

the difference between the inventory container trailer and daily housing

container trailer is different from daily living houses, mainly choi steel plate by adhesive and polystyrene adhesive rolling can be for people to the house of the wind block rain, so the trailer also called temporary buildings. Trailer is relatively easy to build, fast, is not affected by the climate of facilities. Now generally USES light steel skeleton after choi steel structure, its characteristic is to build a very short time limit, the speed is very fast, choi steel with heat preservation and heat insulation, clean and tidy appearance, etc. Cost is low, mainly material chooses different and different, such as choi steel factory is the best of the domestic baosteel, magang, such as baosteel, one of the best, the highest price, usually the ordinary civil choi steel bunk house cost in (200 yuan/square metre Including indoor ground, electrical, Windows and doors, etc. ) 。 This building is the most conforms to the disaster area, other mobility is characterized by its light weight, but the structural integrity is good, good shock resistance, such as the people in the disaster area, construction site temporary use. main advantages: 1, strong and durable, all steel materials, seismic, waterproof, fire, wind, anticorrosive. Take box 2, environmental protection, energy conservation, namely, use does not produce any homework waste; Recycled decade, environmental protection and energy saving. 3, flexible combination, can use multiple containers in any combination of different shapes, different sizes of staff dormitory, management office, temporary meeting room, dormitory, kitchen, toilet, etc. , and fast. 4, easy to tear open outfit, container for the overall structure, crane can rapid transport to the destination, the hoisting, in that day, remove the more simple and direct go to, the inside of the all life appliance can be a lifting. house consists of roof, ground and frontispiece basket frame. On both sides of the mountain but fold, easy to transport and store. Mobile homes, can be combined into two houses. According to the requirements of the environment and the concrete use, flexible setting room layout.
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