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The dwelling family living in the closet——Manufacturer of prefabricated houses

by:Lida Group     2022-05-07

Although many big cities in China are developing very well, especially after the reform and opening up, the economy has been greatly developed; the social outlook has also become better and better. The people lived better lives and their living standards improved accordingly.

However, China's development is based on the policy of making some people rich first, and then driving others to get rich together. So you can't deny that in China, where the economy is developing steadily, there are still many poverty-stricken areas and children who can't get enough to eat.

Especially the small dwelling family that appeared a few years ago, because the countryside came to the city to work, but could not afford a house in the city. They had to live in a small rental house. In recent years, there are even more snail dwellers living in cabinets, that is, snail dwellings in containers.

Someone will ask, why? Because the rent in containers is cheap. But if there is a place, you can also consider prefabricated houses, which are fast and safe to build.

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