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The evacuation stairs of the prefab house should be two-way evacuation

by:Lida Group     2022-02-20

The operation area, office area and living area of u200bu200bthe prefab house should be clearly divided and separated. The office area, dormitory area and living area should be located outside the working radius of tower cranes and other machinery, and the radius of falling objects of buildings, or adopt reliable measures protective measures. Follow the editor below to learn more about it.

The distance between the prefab house and the warehouse of inflammable and explosive materials should not be less than 25m. The sandwich of the board room shall meet the requirements of Class A fire protection, such as the use of flame retardant rock wool material, and the thickness and stiffness of the color steel plate shall meet the requirements. The maximum number of prefab houses shall not exceed 2 floors (subject to local documents), and the second floor shall be treated with fire prevention.

There should be fire passages around the prefab house. When arranged in groups, the width of fire passages between buildings should not be less than 6m, and the width of fire passages between groups should not be less than 10m. Clearance of corridors and stairs. It is true that due to site restrictions, fire separation should be done between the prefabricated room and the prefabricated room. The roads and drainage around the board house should be smooth.

The evacuation stairs of the prefab house should be two-way evacuation. Stairs are used to form multi-directional evacuation to avoid casualties such as crowding or jumping from the building caused by personnel dispersal in emergency situations.

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