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The fire on the surface of the container house in cleaning method

by:Lida Group     2020-07-15
Fire prevention methods on the surface of the container house in cleaning up

fire on the surface of the container house in cleaning method:

1, mechanical processing mainly includes shot blasting and shot peening method. Will the projectile blasting method of cleaning is the use of centrifugal force to accelerate, projectile to the workpiece cleaning cleaning method. But poor flexibility, blasting by site, clean up the workpiece when some blindness, within the workpiece surface is easy to produce clean up less than the blind Angle. Equipment structure is complex, wearing parts, especially the quick wear parts such as blade, maintenance time is much, high capability, one-time into big. 2, chemical treatment is mainly the use of acidic or alkaline solution and oxide on the surface of the workpiece and the oil produces chemical reaction, make its dissolved in acid or alkaline solution, in order to reach to in addition to the workpiece surface rust scale and the purpose of the oil, chemical processing for the plate clean. Has its drawbacks as well as the practice, however, is that if the improper control of time, even if add corrosion inhibitor, also can make steel produced corrosion phenomena. For more complex structure and porous parts, after acid pickling, dipped into the residual acid of crack or cavity is difficult to wipe out, if not handled properly, will become the hidden trouble of the workpiece after corrosion, chemicals and volatile, high capital, after processing of chemical emissions work is difficult, if not handled properly, will cause serious pollution to the environment. Along with the progress of the people environmental protection consciousness, the processing method is replaced by the mechanical processing method.
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