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The focus of the knowledge 丨 waterproof caigang room - Prefabricated housing manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-10-10

caigang room due to its peculiar roofing material properties, in structural design, material selection, installation, deformation vibration causes are easy cause leakage phenomenon, especially under the condition of the temperature difference obvious leakage phenomenon is more prominent. When industrial workshop caigang room after leakage, clock affects production equipment, product quality, delivery guarantee and a series of links, will cause economic losses.

1, because the steel roof gutter of caigang room is thin, weld easy to appear problem, and if there is no use PANHOO phenolic base corrosion protection board, color steel sheet use after a period of time, the corrosion is serious.

prevention measures: cullis better choose PANHOO phenolic groups such as roof panel anti-corrosion materials, such as the use of phenol base corrosion protection board, the thickness should be not less than 3 mm. The butt weld and drain pipe hole, must according to the requirement of anti-corrosion, roof gutter outside besmear brushs steel armor Po waterproof coating.

2, caigang room enclosure must drive protection. Ordinary caigang optional trample roof can damage the roof crack of smooth and even.

prevention measures: factory roof in the installation and use of process, the related personnel must complete disclosure, walking on the roof can't trample crest, should step on the trough purlin, placed material also should pay attention to, if it is a heavy, should be in the troughs and steel beam position pad after the length of the wood, can place, avoid bad heavy pressure wave.

3, workshop roof rainwater pipe material, some people use the plastic pipe material, strength is poorer, the steel structure workshop from installation to put into production operation, easy to damage.

control measures: for the protection of the finished product, on the edges or collision downspouts, should do well in collision avoidance measures.

4 board its coefficient of thermal conductivity, caigang room is big, when great changes have taken place when the outside temperature, due to environment temperature change is big, choi steel contraction deformation caused by temperature changes in interfaces to generate large displacement, thus in the metal plate interface areas prone to leakage hidden trouble.

5, steel structure building system, due to the temperature changes in the structure, the wind load and snow load under the action of external force, prone to elastic deformation and displacement in connection parts and produce leakage hidden trouble.

6, the special position of the metal roof, connection, due to the use of different materials such as roof panel and cement metope junction, roof lighting, in areas such as the stress changes are not synchronized, produce leakage hidden trouble.

7, pressed board baseplate galvanizing layer quality is bad, the coating is too thin, short service life of the pressure plate, easy to corrosion damage.

8, retaining part of color plate is too thin. Weathered, plate corrosion or affected by the temperature makes the color plate deformation, and plate gap increased.

all in all, caigang room seepage damage is very big, caigang room is the top of the building structure steel structure factory building, is also the most prone to diseases appear slack building parts, so be treated with caution. Doing waterproof at the same time, more need to understand the key parts of waterproof caigang room, fully understand to do more comprehensive waterproof.

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