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The general environment is not stable, and the new market of prefabricated houses implies new challenges

by:Lida Group     2022-01-23

The general environment is not stable, and the new market of prefabricated houses implies new challenges. In the context of slowing economic growth, the development of the industry has also fallen into a short-term bottleneck period. At present, consumer demand is increasingly diversified. At the moment of supply-side reform, more and more companies are focusing on market segments and taking a differentiated route. However, the general environment is unstable, and there are many challenges inherent in companies opening up new markets. The general environment is not stable, and the new market implies new challenges. The new market is the result of market segmentation. Naturally, the segmentation will not only produce one market, but there will be more and more branches. The biggest challenge implied by the new market is the branches of these markets. Since there are no established rules in any nascent market, the pressure on the operation of the enterprise is increased unconsciously, making the enterprise unable to discern the direction. However, few companies understand that there are many uncontrollable factors at the beginning of the new market, and the market environment is not stable. When the crisis of resources has seriously threatened the development of enterprises, market segmentation will further aggravate the shortage of resources and the competition among enterprises will be more intense due to the competition among different markets. In addition, the mainstream direction of the development of the new market has not yet been determined, and the development of the new market itself contains great unpredictability. Even established brands struggle to maintain their old style in new markets, and the future of small businesses that have been caught in the cracks is even more uncertain. Coexistence of pros and cons Market segmentation should consider cost The intensification of resource shortage, unclear market direction, and weakened market control have become obstacles for enterprises to enter the segmented market, and enterprises need to actively respond to these challenges. Where there is an advantage, there is a disadvantage. The market segmentation brings opportunities to enterprises, but also brings more challenges to enterprises, and even falls into a development dilemma. The emergence of new markets also means that enterprises need to spend more funds to expand new channels, spend more resources to develop agents and increase production costs. The intensity of the current corporate competition is far from white-hot. In order to integrate more market capital and occupy more market space, companies take turns to stage large-scale cross-border. However, due to excessive cross-border risks, enterprises turn their attention to the industry, and the emergence of new markets naturally makes enterprises ecstatic, and in this case, a new round of market competition will inevitably be triggered. In the fierce market competition, by subdividing the market, enterprises can concentrate their advantages in one place, but they will also face great challenges and risks. Therefore, how to ensure the original market position while expanding new markets is also a problem that prefab house enterprises need to seriously consider.

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