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The installation process of container trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-07-11
in the installation process

1. Basic leveling

container trailer and almost like building, will be around and partition based leveling, with reinforced concrete, relatively strong; Then made pillars, connected with transverse beam frame, diaphragm, outside wall panel and door window frame; Follow flooring, installed on a layer of up, and then on the roof and the roof board; Finally install door to wait, pull the vertical support and sanitary ware, hardware and so on.

this is actually light steel structure, and chongqing steel structure workshop is very similar.

2, check the quality and safety due to the container is light steel structure, the installation with chongqing steel structure workshop is relatively similar, so the trailer in the construction process, each process will be covered next procedure, thus all completed a lot of parts cannot be checked. In view of this, on the basis of trailer parts after the installation is complete, carefully check whether every place strong cohesion, in order to ensure the quality of the mobile security.


concealment, take cover engineering installation engineering refers to the engineering installation of plumbing and electrical circuit. Container houses every installation steps cannot careless, no matter which link slip will bring serious economic loss. When take cover engineering installation should pay attention to waterproof construction technology and material use, do it safe to live in.

mainly for building construction, municipal engineering, subway, railway, highway and other infrastructure construction sites provide live one container, the container trailer, container house design, manufacture, transport, rental, sales, services, and provide walls for the construction site, toilet, sentry box, iron bed, air conditioning and other supporting equipment leasing and sales services.
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