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The light steel keel villa that the country is vigorously promoting

by:Lida Group     2022-01-23

The state has already subsidized the requirements for the construction of light steel keel villas proposed by rural construction in some areas. Why does the country vigorously promote light steel keel materials? Let's take a look at the origin of light steel villas: light steel villas originated from the wood structure system in North America. Their structural nodes are similar, and many materials are common. Light steel villas were invented and used more than 100 years ago. The steel building system is very mature. Now, almost all low-rise buildings in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea use light steel structures. This is because the light steel structure itself has excellent mechanical properties of raw materials, high space utilization, and diverse shapes. The development of light steel villas abroad is very mature, and although the domestic start is relatively late, the current production technologies such as light steel villa keel materials are relatively mature, and even a number of domestic manufacturers have exported finished walls to foreign countries in the form of containers. Prefabricated light steel villas will surely become the mainstream of Chinese architecture in the future. Nowadays, people advocate environmental protection and green life. Among them, light steel structure villa light steel energy-saving earthquake-resistant system, light steel structure materials can be recycled and reused 100%, and other maintenance materials can be recycled and reused up to 85%. In terms of the material itself, manufacturing process, construction technology, maintenance and other processes, it is a new type of residential system that truly integrates safety, health and environmental protection. Residential system, favored by the majority of users. In this rapidly changing atmosphere of the times, people do not have more time to supervise the entire long construction process, and the light steel villa makes up for this very well. It has special personnel from the production of materials to the entire construction process. Responsible, and the construction time is short, the architectural form is changeable and beautiful. Contrast brick mix: Better shock and wind resistance than brick-concrete structures. It is more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than brick-concrete buildings. More comfortable than brick-concrete structures. It has the following production advantages: First: Modular production of light steel villa keel material manufacturers, designing and inputting the program according to user needs, light steel villa keel equipment automatically produces coded keel materials, and workers assemble on-site according to the drawing number, professional difficulty Low construction volume, short construction period, light steel villas generally only take one or two months from the completion of the design to the completion of the project, which saves a lot of construction time, manpower and material resources. Second: The raw material used for the light steel keel is S550 high-strength galvanized aluminum-zinc, the yield strength is above 650mpa, and the zinc layer is greater than 150g, which can not only ensure good physical properties, but also provide corrosion-resistant chemical properties. Third: 90% of building materials can be recycled. Because most of the raw materials of light steel villas are prefabricated buildings, it is convenient for later disassembly and assembly for reuse in relocation and other scenarios. The streamlined operation greatly saves costs, and at the same time, it has more seismic and wind resistance performance, and has various shapes. It is no wonder that more and more people like the prefabricated building of light steel keel villas.

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