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The new housing - science and technology Introduction of prefabricated houses - Prefabricated housing manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-10-21

the real estate industry developed rapidly, with the rising of housing prices, in order to meet most people's housing demand, housing activity arises at the historic moment, the birth of the prefabricated houses, solve the problem for room, estate planning, make the broad masses of the people have a shelter, then make a brief introduction of Qingdao prefabricated houses this product.

prefabricated houses in light steel frame, can transform a random combination of different space, you can remove the combination, many groups living place change often, prefabricated houses they would choose for housing. Prefabricated houses first arose in the United States, this kind of house the first site of life are mainly sold to those groups, so called 'activity'. Prefabricated houses is a kind of light steel as skeleton, sandwich board, for retaining materials, space combination of a series of standard module, component by bolt connection, a new concept of environmental protection board building economical activities. Shandong national mobile integration villa house custom container buildings, residential, container, Wooden villa, the light steel villa) , motel, tourist scenic spots, mobile public toilets catering accommodation, hotels, clubs, exhibition halls, galleries, camp, rv camp, sales offices, shops, cafes, shopping street, comprehensive office building, planning, design, customization, transportation, installation and after-sale one-stop service, short construction period, portable, green environmental protection and energy saving.

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