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The permeability of the container house is not good? Inconvenient to install?

by:Lida Group     2022-01-21

For many people on the construction site, they want to know not only the price of the container house, but also its own living environment and living conditions, such as the container house Whether the ventilation is good and whether the installation is convenient, because the container house is a closed environment and space in the impression of many people.
1. Container house_transparency In fact, the container house also has its own doors and windows, because the container itself is a kind of thing and product that is easy to transform, and this product has its own characteristics that can be transformed , and the container house is a kind of movable house on which doors and windows can be installed, so it is very practical.
For the container house, it actually has a good living environment and living conditions, because the container house is a kind of movable house that can install doors and windows, so as long as there are doors and windows, the air permeability in the house will be good, The vents exist, so the ventilation effect of the container house is quite good, and it is a kind of movable room suitable for living. 2. Container house_quick installation When we install it, it must be more convenient and convenient. This is an important requirement for all of us when using the container house. So how long will it take us to install the container house now? ? In general, it depends on the type of container house we buy. There are many types of container houses. For example, if it is a foldable container house, the installation only takes less than 10 minutes. For professional teams to install, they have professional tools for operation, and they have a lot of rich experience, and there is a special team with a lot of people, so when installing, it can basically be done within 5 minutes. , because this is a folding container house, there is no need for glue or other tools. On the whole, among all types of container houses, the best way is the folding container house. In this case, it is installed using a folding container, so it is time-saving to install. It is also very convenient and labor-saving, and can be used in places where there is not much human and material resources.

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