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The prefab house enterprises should transform and innovate or stick to the tradition

by:Lida Group     2022-01-22

Should prefabricated house enterprises transform and innovate or stick to tradition? The prefabricated house industry continues to develop, brand competition is more multi-level, sales channels are more diversified, and product categories are more abundant. So, in the face of the severe industry development situation, at the 'crossroads' of development, how should prefabricated housing enterprises make choices? In the current market, prefabricated housing products have more complete categories, more financing methods, and more sales channels. Diversification, so troubles come. Everyone is trying their best to maintain the traditional dealer channels, but who doesn't want to get a share of the pie? Therefore, all the channels you can't think of should be expanded and tried. The prefab house is good, but it is too monotonous, so the category needs to be expanded. Low price is not easy to do, because the competition for low price is always dead, and high price is not easy to do, high price generally means small quantity, once the market narrows, it may not be able to open the pot. Is the middle price good? I'm afraid it's more difficult, and it's less than the top and the bottom. Large companies are not easy to do, because the disk is too large, it is not easy to turn around, and the expenditure is also large. Small businesses are still difficult to do, and the profit rate earned each year may not necessarily run higher than the CPI. No one had a hard time, everyone couldn't wait to die, so they began to change. There is another saying that everyone is familiar with, you will die if you change, but if you don't change, you will die. It's a pity that everyone has changed and found that it may be more effective to keep the same. The embarrassing 'third person' in the prefab market In the unfathomable prefab market, are prefab companies a surfer or a diver? Surfers are at the top of the tide. Be adaptable, pay attention to the rise and fall of waves, shifts in direction, and make immediate adjustments. But the most important thing in diving is to maintain depth, not to pay too much attention to what happens on the surface, but to deal with the eternal laws of the sea. The most embarrassing, by contrast, is the 'third man'—probably the most anxious majority of this age. When the market is not good, many small and medium-sized prefab house entrepreneurs are the third type of people in the middle. They don't do a diver's turtle-breathing method, and it is difficult to have the comfort and style of a surfer. The third type has both the woes of surfers and divers, but not their pleasures. One of the biggest sources of anxiety in this era is swinging between surfers and divers, who are at the shallowest level under the waves, being carried afloat by the waves, but neither chasing the waves nor diving into the water, In the end, he was the one who was knocked out by the waves. Under the tide of the times, the third type of people are often panicked, at a loss, and lack the courage to struggle upward or immerse downward. Not at the top, not at the bottom, more choices gave them more torment and uncertainty. For prefab companies, this kind of wandering is the source of pain. Therefore, in the prefabricated house market where opportunities and challenges coexist, hesitation can only miss the opportunity. Only by making a decisive decision can we seize the opportunity and win the future.

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