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The prefab house is known as the 'green building' in the 21st century

by:Lida Group     2022-01-23

In recent years, my country has vigorously promoted slogans such as low carbon and environmental protection, and has also implemented environmentally friendly buildings in housing construction. With its advantages of being detachable, movable and reusable, the prefab house has risen in the market and developed at a very rapid speed, and has now become an indispensable type of building. The prefab house is practical, cost-effective, flexible, and its safety features make it a popular object today. The prefab house is known as the 'green building' in the 21st century. The light steel structure house is smaller than the traditional concrete structure in terms of construction waste, materials, construction noise, etc., and has strong practicability, easy demolition, and recycling. Features. It is a green and environmentally friendly building, a green industry with harmonious and sustainable development between man and nature. In addition, the prefab house generally uses light steel structure skeleton and color steel plate as the wall, which has a short construction period and is not affected by climate. It has the characteristics of thermal insulation, clean appearance, and relatively low cost, so it is widely used in temporary dormitories and offices on construction sites. Because of its good earthquake resistance and light weight, prefabricated houses have also become important buildings in the disaster area. The house can be disassembled and assembled many times, and the reuse rate is high. Light steel structure houses have occupied an indispensable position in today's society, and have a broader space for future development.

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