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The prefab house is suitable for units that frequently change construction points

by:Lida Group     2022-02-20

Dear friends, I'm Xiaobian. Unconsciously, near the end of the year, Xiaobian brought you the knowledge of prefabricated houses. Let’s follow Xiaobian to learn more about it.

1. Convenient transportation, especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites;

2. Strong and durable, all made of steel, with strong Anti-seismic and anti-deformation ability;

Third, good sealing performance, strict manufacturing process makes this kind of mobile house have good water tightness;

Fourth, the mobile house is based on the standard steel chassis, which can be derived from Lots of room for combinations. Such as meeting rooms, dormitories, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. The standard width is 2.4 meters, the height is 2.2 meters, and the length is 4 meters to 12 meters.

5. Easy to disassemble and assemble, superior performance, stable and firm, good anti-typhoon, shockproof performance, waterproof, fireproof and anticorrosion, light weight. The house is an integral structure with a frame inside, and the walls are made of steel plates, which can be veneered with wood panels, and can be moved as a whole, with a service life of more than 20 years.

The above is the knowledge of prefab house. I hope that through the explanation of this article, you will have a clearer understanding of various prefabricated houses. After reading the above sharing, everyone will know how to deal with this situation in the future.

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