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The purpose of container trailer modified

by:Lida Group     2020-06-29
The purpose of container trailer modified

with the continuous development of the logistics industry, the demand for container is bigger and bigger, resulting in the productivity of the old container. Abandoned the old container modified value which also can be used to have. Application scope is wide.

so-called container container house is modified by some simple changes, makes it is mainly used to transport goods container is suitable for people living in it. And such container trailer on the transportation is very convenient, as long as the call a truck, lifting up. You can think of which is which, a lot of freedom. Removes duplicate disassembling cost and time. In addition this container house has the appearance of beautiful, generous; Heat resistant performance is good; Even its sound insulation effect compared with solid brick, also accord with environmental protection and energy saving, fast and efficient architectural concept; Also can use inventory, for repeated turnover; Service life is long. Because of these unique advantages, and is also used in many places, such as dormitory, kitchen, toilet, storeroom, sentry box, meeting rooms, etc. 1, the old container can be used to bring their own ark of loading for export, if use own ark with cargo export, is don't need to do a separate declaration, which is equivalent to using the cabinet of the shipping company for customs clearance. Above the list of the customs declaration number fill in the blanks. But at the time of booking to prepare famous. Some shipping company can do not need to provide some certification or check the other, is very convenient. 2, old container can be used for temporary warehouse, if the factory sometimes when suddenly received a large order, warehouse not enough use old container can also be used for as a temporary warehouse, can at any time to return, very flexible and convenient. 3, old container can also after the modification, as a mobile home or is intended for use as office. Because second-hand container is more capacious, also very strong, generally outside the paint is who use the sea corrosion paint, so to be able to use fixed number of year is long, nowadays, many countries abroad have used the old container used for houses and villas. 4, some old container can also be as permanent or is used as a temporary cargo van use, on the platform car use is very appropriate also.
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