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The reinforcement method of steel structure buildings, how much is the steel structure per square meter

by:Lida Group     2022-02-27

How much does a steel structure cost per square meter of steel structure building

The steel structure is light in weight and simple in construction, so it is widely used in large workshops, venues, It is used in super high-rise and other fields, but when it is used in construction, in order to ensure the safety and firmness of the building, reinforcement is often required. There are three main ways to strengthen the steel structure:


1. Adding fulcrum reinforcement method

After adding a fulcrum in the middle of the span of beams and slabs, the span is reduced, so that the bearing capacity can be greatly improved, and the Reduce and limit the deflection of beams and plates. Such reinforced steel structures are suitable for the reinforcement of horizontal structures such as beams, slabs, trusses, and grids in large-span structures with unrestricted house clearance. The advantage is that it is simple and reliable, and how much does it cost per square meter.

2. Reinforcement method with bonded outsourcing steel

Outsourcing steel reinforcement Concrete beams generally adopt the wet outsourcing method, that is, epoxy resin grouting is used to bond the section steel and the reinforced member into a whole, and the reinforced member has a large increase in the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe tensile and compression steel, so the bearing capacity of the normal section is And the stiffness of the section is also greatly improved, so the bearing capacity of the normal section and the stiffness of the section are also greatly improved.

Third, the reinforcement method of pasting fiber-reinforced plastics

The reinforcement method of pasting fiber-reinforced plastics is in addition to the reinforcement method of bonding outer steel In addition to similar advantages, it also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, almost no increase in the weight of the structure, durability, and low maintenance costs, but requires special fire protection treatment, suitable for concrete structural components and general structures of various stress properties. .

After the steel structure reinforcement project is completed, use a small hammer to tap the paste steel plate lightly, judge the bonding effect from the sound or detect the paste density by ultrasonic method. If the pasting area of u200bu200bthe anchoring area is less than 90%, and the pasting area of u200bu200bthe non-anchoring area is less than 70%, the pasting is invalid, and the steel structure should be peeled off and pasted again.

For major projects, in order to check the reinforcement effect, it is necessary to carry out a load test on a sample, generally only for the standard use load test. The development should meet the design and use requirements.

Steel structures are often used in various engineering structures with large spans, large heights, large loads and large dynamic effects. Therefore, its stability is very important. How much is a square meter of steel structure with good reinforcement measures.

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