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The relationship between the maintenance of steel structure engineering and its life

by:Lida Group     2022-03-09

The relationship between the maintenance of steel structure engineering and its service life

The maintenance and maintenance of steel structure engineering has a relationship with its service life. Cangzhou steel structure manufacturers remind that the inspection and protection of joints should not be ignored. With the development and evolution of technology, the connection method that is widely used in the welding seam joints in recent new projects is bolt joints. The operation method is simpler and more convenient than the operation method of rivet connection, and the labor intensity is lower, and it is also more convenient to protect and replace at the same time. At present, except for some special occasions, rivet joints tend to be replaced by high-strength bolts. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand and learn about the inspection and protection of these two connection methods.

The inspection of steel structure engineering and bolts is generally carried out by means of visual inspection, hammer tapping, wrench test and other methods. First of all, check whether the bolts are loose and whether the bolt rods are cracked. For bolts that receive dynamic loads, the nuts should be removed regularly, and a magnifying glass should be used to carefully check whether there are fine cracks on the bolt shank.

For cracked or cracked bolts, the cause of the damage should be identified, recorded in detail and replaced in time. Tighten the loose nut in time. For high-strength tightening, use a dynamometer wrench to tighten the bolt to the specified torque.

Regarding the inspection of rivets, you can use one hand to be close to the head of the nail, and the other hand to strike from the side of the head of the nail, if you feel the head of the nail beating , it means that the rivets are loose and need to be replaced; rivets with rotten heads, missing edges or cracks also need to be replaced. High-strength bolts can be directly replaced, and it must be ensured that the bearing capacity of the steel structure project will not be affected after replacement.

The inspectors should have certain practical experience and a high sense of responsibility. Regarding important parts, multiple people should be re-examined to avoid major omissions. Due to the unique advantages of simple manufacturing, short construction period, fire resistance and earthquake resistance, steel structure engineering has become more and more popular. It can be seen in many places from warehouses, workshops to civilian residences. Today, let's take a look at several key points and difficulties that should be paid attention to in the construction process.

Quality control of pre-embedded bolts. When constructing pre-embedded bolts at the foundation, you must first understand the drawings, understand the design purpose, and manufacture installation templates. Ensure that the embedded bolts are not displaced by the construction of civil engineering concrete. The spacing and concave-convex between the control bolts can be controlled within the allowable error range; the bolt threads are protected from damage during concrete pouring. After the civil engineering is completed, use the theodolite and level to check the elevation and axis of the anchor bolts, make a record, and submit it to the next process for inspection.

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