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The road to the prefab house's corporate brand, service construction is still the main event

by:Lida Group     2022-01-22

The prefab house enterprises that can rank among the top ten brands can often not be described as lucky. Many companies have worked hard and struggled for many years, and ranking among the top ten brands is inseparable from high-quality products and services. . As the brand is regarded as the key point by enterprises and dealers. The establishment of the top ten brands has set a benchmark for the prefabricated house industry. 1. Service is a difficult point for enterprises to mention that many consumers are familiar with brand services. Some stores may not necessarily have better products than other stores, but consumers are still keen to buy the products of this store, because this store is very popular among customers. When you enter the door, you will present a good brand service to customers. Brand service not only refers to pre-sales service, but also refers to after-sales service. And why many SME brands are not among the top ten brands, because what they lack is high-quality 'service'. It can be said that production is not difficult for enterprises, but it is not so easy to do long-term and good services. At present, the after-sales standards of the major brands in the market are not the same. One year, two years, three years or lifetime. Unlike other products, it is a durable commodity, which often does not wear out in just a few years. Brands that can provide long-term after-sales service are often loved by consumers. For enterprises, brand service is not only a means to attract consumers, but also the establishment of brand dependence. Second, the top ten brand building road It is easy to set up a brand, but it is difficult to build a brand. Rome was not built in a day. Although all roads are Rome, for most companies, the establishment of a brand starts from the production process and brand service guarantee. Interlaced like a mountain, the competition between brands may seem far away for consumers, but the ranking of the top ten well-known brands can be used as a reference when choosing. For enterprises, if they want to make a good brand, they need a certain mass base, so the magic weapon to obtain a good mass base is the service in place. It can be said that if they want to be among the top ten brands, they have a certain advantage in 'service'.

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