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The role and characteristics of the container house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-16

The convertible container house is modified from the use of second-hand container, open doors and windows in place of second-hand container four weeks, and the laying of the floor inside, decorated walls and ceilings, so that the indoor environment more liveable, and let the container interior insulation noise performance to a higher level. This type of container house is characterized by relatively strong, but the price is high, but relatively fixed size, width of only 2.4 meters, the current general use only in special circumstances, is not suitable for large-scale promotion use.

Welded Container House is currently the most used type of container houses, the use of raw materials for manufacturing, unlimited in quantity, and price than the convertible container houses are much cheaper, can be mass produced and used , the specification is generally six meters long, 3 meters wide, so much easier to promote the use of specifications, can be used on construction sites to make dormitory, which placed 4-5 bunk beds iron bed, leaving the middle one meter wide channel so we can more fully utilize the space of the container house, also allow people to have more adequate space, can be more comfortable life. Welded container house currently widely used on construction sites, to provide people with a variety of different uses of the product container house dormitories, kitchen, bathroom, office.

Container assembly combines the advantages of the container house rooms and activities of the board, the modular production, the various parts produced, assembled and then transported to the site, so that more convenient to transport the top, and the container housing rugged degree can be guaranteed. This type of container house prices to be higher, the current general for export, so that lower transportation costs.

1, choose to take a reputable company specializing in container module housing. Because the container module set is high-tech, bulky cartridge products, be sure to select the optimal use of large manufacturers, such as Qingdao Lei Yue Heavy Industries and other good market reputation, advanced skills container modules, once assembled, configuration and other problems exist, can be swift get template suppliers and maintenance support.

2, select the module housing body having a superior structure. Because the module for container houses, the main structure of the unit is the core part of the overall template, complete category scale container houses its main template structure will have a professional embedded software made three optimized design, has a profile through the rational allocation and shear the perfect combination of profiled steel plate, steel casing surface can be spray personalized logo based on the needs of employers.

It can be said container module houses its purchase or lease is a tedious and painstaking work, requiring intensive fulfill all the above items. In order to purchase or rent only affordable, but also good container module housing credit, their professional performance and follow-up services according to different functions can be made to optimize the transport assembly, stitching, in terms of flexibility from the practical to tend to cost perfect requirements.

3, an essential module container house purchase, lease before the exchanges and visits. Because there are several technical differences in splicing products Current container module housing, due to the skill to take varies, so the field effect, the price of location, application performance all have differences, need to make comprehensive communication according to the conditions, needs and container modules businesses, a detailed understanding of its main unit information, and then make the purchase or lease options.

These are the specific contents of container house and its features, more exciting content, please pay attention to us.

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