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The safety of the prefabricated houses - knowledge Prefabricated houses were hammered prefabricated houses

by:Lida Group     2020-11-01
Recent accidents on prefabricated houses many ah, have been the hail hit collapse, some by fire, and bad people who live in prefabricated houses need more attention, if you have such situation, immediately leave immediately removable houses. When building is divided into two main factors, one is pay attention to the merits of the materials, the other is a note of the details. ( 1) USES the rock wool as core material with good fireproof performance, it is a fundamental way. ( 2) In the process of building, a core material to work away from open flame like electrical welding and gas welding. ( 3) In use process, some of the heat source, the source of it doesn't matter is attached to the steel plate, should keep a certain distance. In prefabricated houses as soon as possible if you set the kitchen, there needs to be insulating layer, metope should be equipped with fire rock wool insulation layer. ( 4) Don't through from the core material, wire and cable for crossing should add protect casing, socket and switch box should be galvanized metal box and with the method. ( 5) Indoor and outdoor equipped with simple and easy fire extinguishing equipment, conditional should be equipped with fire alarm, convenient staff fast evacuation. ( 6) Between prefabricated houses at least to keep the safe distance of 6 meters. Learn more relevant details, please login: WWW.
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