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The scope of application of living container

by:Lida Group     2023-01-30

Nowadays, with the diversified characteristics of the structural design of the residential container, the scope of application of the movable room has become wider. As the use increases, the role played will also be more and more. The scope of application of residential containers can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Temporary housing and office space on construction sites

Construction sites are generally temporary construction projects, including office space and living space, and residential containers will be selected for installation and construction. Of course, before construction, it is necessary to plan and design the size, style, quantity, installation effect, etc. of the living container. Having a constructive plan can maximize the efficiency of the construction process, minimize the cost, and make the construction effect safer and firmer. This type is generally used for a short period of time and can be disassembled and reused many times.

2. Outdoor work room

Including the office and accommodation of prospectors, rest places for cleaners, and public toilets in some places. Many beekeepers also choose living containers as temporary housing. This kind of work room does not have a large demand for the number of living containers, and generally only needs one time can meet the demand. This kind of living container is located in the outdoor public area, and the facilities in the public area are inevitably damaged by man-made or other factors, but the living container with strong quality can reduce the problems caused by these factors and have a longer service life. This type is generally used for a long time and is easy to maintain.

3. Tourist attractions

It can be used as a homestay in scenic spots and shops in scenic spots. For homestays in scenic spots, by adding design elements to residential containers for decoration and modification, personalized customization can be completed with the smallest investment, which can maximize customer appeal and maximize business profits. For shops in scenic spots, it is not only simple and quick to build, but also convenient to move, and it is convenient to change business locations, and can realize a fluid business model.

4. Other rooms

  Small exhibition halls, household residences, government temporary command places, etc. For purposes such as small exhibition halls and household residences, the requirements for all aspects of residential containers will be relatively high. For purposes such as temporary command posts, the requirements are relatively simple, and exquisite decoration layouts and complete internal facilities are not required.

Residential containers can be made according to different needs of customers. The scope of application of residential containers is increasing, and the needs of different uses will be different, and the selected shape and structure are also different. It is necessary to choose the appropriate modeling structure according to the actual situation, so that the efficiency of use can be significantly improved.

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