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The second-hand container what special too?

by:Lida Group     2020-07-21
The second-hand container what special too?

second-hand container reform and what special too?

1, converted into self-provided crate

due to the international transportation of container body has a very strict standard, if the BaoFeiQi, or some conditions can meet the standard international transportation demand, shipping company will not continue to use. However, such a second-hand container was not damaged, the ability to withstand the forehead and sealing is good, can be used in the modified into own carriers, in terms of highway transportation will give full play to the advantages of their own.

2, all kinds of mobile home

factories and construction sites in the process of construction, stable performance of second-hand container can be converted into a temporary office and temporary accommodation, for the office staff to the construction site and life field, in addition, many municipal units and attractions will be second-hand container into mobile toilets, mobile kiosks can activities such as buildings, thus providing convenience for the citizens of everyday life.

3, temporary warehouse

sometimes factory suddenly received a large order, the existing warehouse capacity is not enough to store material and finished product, you can rent some good quality container from second-hand container market, treating it as a temporary warehouse to use, because the container itself has very good sealing, there will be no leakage phenomenon, so will be able to effectively avoid the goods in the outdoor environment.

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