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The six characteristics of second-hand container transport

by:Lida Group     2020-06-26
The six characteristics of second-hand container shipping

second-hand container transport shortcomings:

due to the size of the container has certain rules, when the shipping company to independent one container, so if the company on a smaller scale transport goods less than a standard case, money will cause waste and container weight of larger speed slow.

1。 The cost of packaging will be a little bit more expensive. 2. In general, the ship company only requires a package a box, that if your goods not a box, the relative cost is expensive.

3。 Have weight limit, if overweight, will cost extra.

second-hand container features: second-hand container has six characteristics, Shanghai number below container service co. , LTD. Is from the six major characteristics. Features a: saving resource container house with brick structure compared to the brick house is 30 times the container houses, the construction of water loss of concrete is 50 times, reduce construction waste and waste about 99% of decorate, building materials recovery rate 70% higher than that of traditional architecture, the installation of group buildings, the construction period less than regular construction period by more than 50%, at the same time, the container house heat preservation performance is a traditional brick structure of the 2 times or so, therefore, container house building materials is not easy to organizations in the region or in the region have special requirements of environmental protection is a very good choice. Characteristics of the two: efficient container house is popular in Europe and the United States and economically developed coastal areas in rapid promotion, a key is to use very convenient - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Container room after completion of production in the factory to destination to pre-made, on the basis of electricity can be used after installation; In need of migration, container house overall migration, together with the goods inside the room to the destination place to use site can continue to use after installation of electricity, the convenience is unmatched by other buildings. Features: high comfort can according to user requirements for container room decorate, the comfort can reach the level of ordinary residential refined decoration, so container room can be very effective to improve the field work personnel's work life environment, so a lot of people called container room field personnel second home. Features four: high security protection because of the container house is the overall steel structure as a skeleton, 28 tons, itself can carry on the resistance to natural disasters compared with other buildings, such as mobile, brick room has the incomparable advantage, more natural disasters in the region, in particular, the container house is undoubtedly provides the best protection for life. Features five: high durability because the container is the overall installation overall migration, the migration of the house itself without any harmful effects, no matter how many times the migration, will not cause damage to body big, therefore, as long as live in use process pay attention to protect the container room can be used infinitely long time. Features six: high value because of the container house is all steel structure main body structure, steel consumption is close to 1. 7.
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