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The soul of the light steel villa _ light steel keel

by:Lida Group     2020-07-15
Want a perfect light steel villa, core components of light steel keel is crucial, today we're going to have a good talk about light steel keel. A, composition of the light steel keel, light steel keel is a thin plate with galvanized steel belt or by special mill with multi-channel process rolling into a new building material, it has light weight, high strength, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, sound insulation, sound-absorbing, constant temperature effect and so on, at the same time also has the advantages of short time limit, the construction is simple, applicable to a variety of building the model of roof decoration, interior and exterior walls of buildings and the basis of the scaffolding type condole top material. Second, the classification of light steel keel 1. According to use classification: ceiling keel keel and partition, ceiling keel by carrying keel ( The main keel) , wrapping keel ( Auxiliary keel) And all kinds of accessories; By transverse keel, vertical wall keel keel, lateral brace keel, and various accessories. 2, according to the section form classification: V, C, T, L type, U type light steel keel. Three, light steel keel quality decisive factor 1, good quality of high quality steel strip; 2, light steel keel molding equipment; 3, light steel keel, the thickness of the steel belt deviation size; 4, light steel keel two-sided galvanized quantity; 5, appearance quality. 6, keel manufacturer of fine management. With the appearance of the light steel keel quality standard is: light steel keel shape to level off, the edges and corners clear, incision are not allowed to have an impact on the use of burr and deformation, the galvanized layer is not allowed to have defects such as peeling, the tumor, fall off.
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