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The south north built for light steel villa?

by:Lida Group     2020-06-29
Light steel villa popular in foreign countries, but also gradually rise in domestic in recent years. So, light steel villa can adapt to our country's environmental climate? Due to differences in climate, north and south China and the demand of the housing is different. The emergence of the light steel villa, let both sides of the civil wars have eased. Light steel villa is so bad, can be in the south of wandering between wet and dry in the north? Body rust not afraid of cold bending thin-walled light steel keel mix sauce surface for a long time not to change color, in case of chemical corrosion, the surface physical reaction, in aluminum keel surface protective film, the external chemical separated, which is separate from the keel, protect keel subject material, to prevent rust. Cold-formed thin-walled light steel structure has the advantage of light deadweight, factory production, short construction period, strong vibration resistance, investment recovery fast, less environmental pollution and other comprehensive advantages. Compared with reinforced concrete structure, the more high, big, light & throughout; Three aspects of the unique advantages, worldwide, especially in developed countries, cold-formed thin-walled light steel structure the rational, widely used in the field of architecture. Wall heat preservation have coup wall structure: in the cladding, wall board, partition panel, block 4 varieties. According to the climate in different areas of the temperature, different wall. Cold regions combined into heat preservation and heat insulation composite wall, assure indoor quantity of heat is not absorbed by the wall or leakage, energy saving effect of 70%, that is to say, only need ordinary building a third of the energy consumption can achieve indoor heat preservation requirements. In hot regions, the use of the has hollow convection cladding assembled into composite wall, sun radiate to heat up being taken away by air flow inside wall body, thus maintain indoor comfortable and cool. Roof structure have better take the wall plank principle design, has a high heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, moistureproof performance, can also according to the various complex modelling design. Not restricted the construction of prefabricated construction conditions and completely dry homework, can under various climate conditions, in most parts of our country, which can realize uninterrupted construction throughout the year. The construction process: the foundation construction & ndash; Steel structure main body & ndash; Letters of OSB board & ndash; The roof waterproof decoration & ndash; Indoor water circuit laying & ndash; Exterior wall breathing paper & ndash; Extruded board & ndash; Exterior wall decorative & ndash; Exterior wall coating & ndash; Interior glass cotton plasterboard laid & ndash; Indoor decoration.
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